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Welcome to the website of the Learning and Implicit Processes Lab!

The liplab aims to investigate how and under what conditions basic psychological phenomena such as learning and evaluation take place. A better understanding of these phenomena can have tremendous practical implications, for instance, for our understanding of psychopathology and consumer behavior. Please browse the website to find out more about us and our research!

Latest News

24/05/2016New vacancy for a post-doc position at the lab!
19/05/2016Congratulations to Gaƫtan Mertens for the successful completion of his Ph.D.!
09/05/2016Congratulations to Pieter Van Dessel for the successful completion of his Ph.D.!
13/11/2015The methusalem research project has been extended until 31 December 2022!
02/10/2015Congratulations to Dermot Barnes-Holmes for being invited to present the highly prestigious QUAD-L lecture.
01/10/2015Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ciara McEnteggart , Martin Finn, Colin Harte, Aileen Leech, and Deirdre Kavanagh join the LIP lab.
21/09/2015Congratulations to Niclas Heider for the successful completion of his Ph.D.!
07/09/2015Ama Kissi won the best poster award at the annual congress of the european pain federation (EFIC)!
01/09/2015Ian Hussey joins the LIPlab
03/08/2015Evelyne Debey's paper titled "From junior to senior Pinocchio: A cross-sectional lifespan investigation of deception" got featured in the independent and in "het nieuwsblad" (Belgian newspaper).
27/06/2015The "no pain, no gain" article of Schouppe, Braem, De Houwer, et al. (2015) won the best article of the year award for CABN 2015 by the Psychonomic society!
15/06/2015Congratulations to Marijke Theeuwes for the successful completion of her Ph.D.!
04/02/2015Dermot Barnes-Holmes was awarded an Odysseus grant and will join the lab with his team on 01/10/2015.


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